Rivers Master Class: The Actor's Flow with Linda Putnam, Dean Fogal & David MacMurray Smith

3 day Master Class: July 30, 31st & August 1st, 2018 at UBC

This Master Class is led by three senior level teachers: Linda Putnam, Dean Fogal & David MacMurray Smith, working in collaboration with each other and focused on Rivers: the generation if imagery in rehearsal and performance.  The Grotowski and Decroux physical theatre traditions provide the technical basis of exploration.  Investigate image and impulse flow weaving through three points of view including Plastiques, Biokinetics and Kinespheres.

An immersive physical acting retreat for performers

July 17 - 27
At Xenia Creative Development Centre
Bowen Island, BC

Join us in the lush natural beauty of Bowen Island, for a deep-dive into a psycho-physical approach to performance training based on the work of Jerzy Grotowski.

Nine (9) hours of training per day. Training happens in a large yurt and outdoors. It happens during meals. It happens in the sauna, in the lake, in character, in silence, and in slow motion.

Faculty: Raïna von Waldenburg & Wendy vanden Heuvel with guest teachers: Gabriella Minnes Brandes, David MacMurray Smith, Linda Putnam & Leannie Aalgaard