with Linda Putnam, Dean Fogal & David MacMurray Smith

3 day Master Class: July 30, 31st & August 1st, 2018 at UBC


Rivers Master Class: The Actor's Flow with

Linda Putnam, Dean Fogal & David MacMurray Smith

July 30, 31 & August 1

At the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, BC

This Master Class is led by three senior level teachers: Linda Putnam, Dean Fogal & David MacMurray Smith, working in collaboration with each other and focused on Rivers: the generation of imagery in rehearsal and performance.  The Grotowski and Decroux physical theatre traditions provide the technical basis of exploration.  Investigate image and impulse flow weaving through three points of view including Plastiques, Biokinetics and Kinespheres.

July 30:  9am to 6pm - in studio training

July 31: 9am to 6pm - in studio training

Aug 1: 9am to 4pm  - Plus, informal evening discussion with Linda, Dean & David, "My Life In Art", 7pm to 10pm Vancouver location TBA


Join us for three days with three gifted teachers collaboratively guiding Rivers through their unique perspectives. Daily training is divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The morning sessions are open to all performers and theatre artists to apply; the afternoon sessions require experience in Grotowski and/or Decroux based work.


$300 morning sessions + My Life In Art 

$400 full day sessions + My Life In Art


  1. Complete the Application Questionnaire
  2. Pay Application Fee of $50 (non-refundable & will be applied toward the tuition of accepted students)

Applications will be available here on April 9th and include an application Questionnaire and payment of a non-refundable Application Fee of $50, which will be applied to the Tuition of accepted students. Please allow up to 14 days before you receive a response to your application. Tuition will be due upon acceptance. Space is limited. Payment Plan options may be available upon request and at the discretion of administration. GST tax will be added.

Please note our intention is that this Master Class be filmed, in whole or in part, in an effort to develop the documentation of this kind of work as well as of these teachers. The teachers will be the primary focus of filming.


Meet the Rivers Faculty: Linda Putnam, Dean Fogal & David MacMurray Smith.


We are grateful for the support of UBC Department of Theatre & Film as well as the Public Scholars Initiative.

Video from Grotowski Intensive: East Meets West, Heart in the Centre with Linda Putnam, Stephen Wangh, Raïna von Waldenburg, David MacMurray Smith, Claire Fogal, and Gabriella Minnes Brandes